If you don’t want to fight the crowds to show your Irish spirit, serve a nice Irish-inspired dinner at home.  Deck the table with plenty of shamrocks!  If you’re lucky, a leprechaun will stop by and bring his pot of gold to show appreciation for the good eats.


Hosting Ideas:

  • From flowers to candles & tea lights, think green, green, green, and a touch of gold. Decorate with shamrocks, leprechauns, and pots of gold to set the festive mood. Look for shamrock-themed tablecloths, napkins, and/or napkin rings. Consider adding some Irish flags or Celtic knots as well.

  • Play Irish music: Create a playlist of traditional Irish music or modern Irish artists to get everyone in the spirit. You could also hire a local Irish band or musician to perform live, depending on your budget.

  • Have a whiskey tasting: Set up a whiskey-tasting station with a variety of Irish whiskeys for your guests to try. Offer snacks to accompany the whiskey, like cheese and crackers or chocolates.

  • Plan some fun activities: Consider playing games like Irish trivia, a beer pong tournament, or even an Irish dance-off. You could also have a photo booth with Irish-themed props for guests to take pictures.